I NEED YOUR HELP, IF YOU MAY? GAME IN QUESTION - TZAR: The Burden of the Crown (PC, Pier57/PAN (c)1999) - I believe it was actually re...



GAME IN QUESTION - TZAR: The Burden of the Crown (PC, Pier57/PAN (c)1999) - I believe it was actually released in 2000, though, based on the measly few I have been able to come across on the web, though as mentioned below are likely only their American version whereas mine is either the original foreign version and if not, different box cover and publishing company nonetheless.

I found this PC game a few days ago at a local thrift store, had to buy it simply because I have to buy any title that seems too rare that it ultimately and most of the time ends up being rare. However, this title has become quite an attention grabber and from my own research the past couple days, it may be a pretty decent score or at least one better than the majority I come across that although they are found to be valuable do not equate to more than a 50 or 100 bill at best. I have only been able to find a few listings online thus far similar to this version though each and all were the American versions. I still am not entirely convinced the one I have is the original foreign edition (Made in Australia by Pier 57 and PAN Interactive) but at this point it could very well be the case. With that, the only few American versions I found were NOT still unopened as mine is (both circle stickers are uncut, box never has been opened) and someone had sold just the disc for $40+ in one place, another guy was selling one for 499.99 starting bid or 799.99 buy it now that was new in box but not sealed (their listing ended Nov. 12th with zero bites but 3 watchers including me). When prices are all over the place, I start to get too confused for my own sake and ADHD mindset...things just start flipping upside and going crazy (I digress and exaggerate but that's besides the point here).

My question for any and all of you ladies and gents is simple:

Do any of you know anything about this PC game that is displayed in my embedded imgur album below? If so, would you happen to have any idea of the value, origin, or anything else that may be helpful in pricing this super rare game in order to list it for sale somewhere?

Also, whether you know anything about it or not, is anyone interested in buying it from me directly? If so, throw me an offer at any of my social accounts or email (find links above in the tabs department) and I will happily get back with you as soon as I possibly can (pretty quickly on average). 

Thank you all in advance for your help with this find, it is greatly appreciated!

I look forward to hearing from you all and whatever, if anything, you can come up with regarding this game. 

Hope to hear from you soon,

B. Justice - Eclectic Antiquing