Set of 100 Vintage Wooden Scrabble Tiles from 1953 Selchow & Righter Edition Great for any odds and ends, arts & crafts, scrap...

Set of 100 Vintage Wooden Scrabble Tiles from a 1953 Selchow & Righter Game Edition ~ #GetEclectic #GetCrafty #GetAntiquing

Set of 100 Vintage Wooden Scrabble Tiles

from 1953 Selchow & Righter Edition
Great for any odds and ends, arts & crafts, scrapbooking projects and the like!

  • from 1953 Selchow & Righter Edition
  • Includes: 98 letter tiles, 2 blank tiles.
  • Condition: Traditional wear from storage, age and use.
  • To Note: Nothing, other than normal wear.
  • Perfect set for any arts & crafts, scrapbooking or similar projects!
  • Please see our detailed photos to get your own perspective on item condition.

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