(1.23.16) I purchased this fantastic antique Wicklow Distillery Whiskey Stoneware Jug at an auction in Springfield, OH for only $15.00 and ...

UPDATE - ITEM SOLD: Antique 1890 - 1910 Wicklow Distillery Old Irish Whiskey 1/4 Gallon Stoneware Pottery Jug

I purchased this fantastic antique Wicklow Distillery Whiskey Stoneware Jug at an auction in Springfield, OH for only $15.00 and am hoping to get at least $90 in profit - which means I need to get it sold at around $110+ to catch that amount of profit. Stay tuned for updates!

COST @ AUCTION: $15.00
SOLD @ ONLINE 4: $??.??
TOTAL PROFITS   : $??.??

Rare, Antique
1/4 Gallon Size
Pottery Stoneware Jug

Oval inscription at bottom:
  Port-Dundas / Glascow / Pottery Co 'x'
Dates to 1890-1915

  • Measures approx: 8 inches high x 5 inches wide;
    • 1-1/2 inches diameter top (brim and mouth);
    • 3-3/4 inches diameter (base-bottom)
  • Copyrighted, approx: 1890 - 1915
  • Made in United Kingdom by Port-Dundas Glasgow [Glascow as inscribed in marking at bottom] Pottery Co.
  • This is a gorgeous, rare piece of history - Very hard to find!
  • Manufacturing dates between 1890-1915.
  • Oval inscription marking at bottom-base reads:
    • Port-Dundas
    • Glascow [AKA Glasgow - located in Scotland of England where it was manufactured]
    • Pottery Co (small 'x' to right, as well)
  • Wicklow Distillery (owl on branch) / Old Irish Whiskey / Guaranteed 1/4 Gallon (pottery whiskey jug).
  • Dates to 1890-1915 according to Antique Trader Bottles Identification and Price Guide by Michael Polak.
  • I bought this at an estate sale in Springfield, Ohio. All items at sale were property of lifelong collector.
  • Condition to Note: This antique, rare Wicklow Distillery Whiskey jug is in amazing condition with only minor surface wear and few bubbling imperfections in the glaze and no signs of cracks/crackling, stains nor discoloring. The inscription at bottom is worn a bit at bottom left corner with Pott of Pottery not visible. More or less only factory imperfections and minor surface wear and excellent condition overall. Handle is intact and great as well.

    Item was clearly well cared for over the years, but I am no expert and only describe what I see with my own eyes. Please view each and every one of my detailed photos in case I may have missed anything noteworthy. See our detailed photos for an up-close and personal view. Otherwise, traditional wear and tear from all aforementioned.
  • Please see our detailed photos to get your own perspective on item condition.


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