This is a news bit with #Profit Potential or even just a heads up sort of #DigiReel. Whatever it may mean to you in the coming days, it'...

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This is a news bit with #Profit Potential or even just a heads up sort of #DigiReel. Whatever it may mean to you in the coming days, it's still worthy of a skimming to say the very least. I, myself, did not even know about this new #Zelda #Monopoly Edition #Board #Game coming out and I am the self-entitled board game king when it involves selling (old and new) but certainly not when it comes to the actual playing of said board games...that's a whole other shameful story in and of itself and will not waste anymore time on the subject. Without further ado...

Brought to you by - News Republic: "Monopoly: The Legend of Zelda Pre-Orders Open":

Monopoly: The Legend of Zelda Pre-Orders Open

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IGN- MONDAY, AUGUST 4, 2014 3:25 AM GMT 
Monopoly: The Legend of Zelda, an officially licensed Zelda-themed Monopoly game from board game publisher USAopoly, is available for pre-order through Game Stop for US$39.99 ahead of its Sept. 15 release.
The collector's edition includes a custom designed game board featuring iconic locations from The Legend of Zelda franchise, Zelda-themed rupees along with six player tokens: Bow, Hookshot, Boomerang, Triforce, Hylian Shield and a Game Stop-exclusive Ocarina of Time. Deku Sprouts and Deku Trees replace the familiar houses and hotels, while Chance and Community Chest cards are renamed Empty Bottle and Treasure Chest. Those who pre-order through Game Stop get a Hyrule Map Lithograph in “a Treasure Chest Holder” and six Item Power Cards “for added game play,” including the Goddess, Wind Walker, Minish Cap, Spirit Flute, Phantom Hourglass and Ocarina of Time.
USAopoly first announced that the Zelda universe-centric Monopoly game was heading to fans living rooms this year during the 2014 American International Toy Fair in February. The company had also simultaneously announced that a Pokémon-themed Monopoly game set in the Kanto region was also slated for release next month.
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Pre-Order yours before you wind up having to pay $60+ a day after it's release and on (indefinitely) instead of the measly, easy and cool $39.99 pre-order price tag.

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