NO EXCUSES! THE TIME IS NOW! GO MAKE THAT MONEY! - YouTube : #hehasapoint #whathesaid #eclectic #video #Startup #Business #Smallbiz ...

NO EXCUSES! THE TIME IS NOW! GO MAKE THAT MONEY! - YouTube | Picking Profits #AMERKA #Motivational #Niche #Startup

#hehasapoint #whathesaid #eclectic #video #Startup #Business #Smallbiz #Resell and...


Until next time, find that niche!  I don't want to hear "NO EXCUSES!" :D

In all seriousness, I completely agree 100% with +PickingProfits and had to share with my #EclectiClectics. He seems to have shot this video in the moment, at a point of intense overwhelming feelings of accomplishment/success and these genuinely real, sometimes live, experiences on video are very hard to come by and are a great reference point or motivational tool to keep around and watch again anytime shit seems to be hitting the fan or at least starting to and you find yourself at your wit's end or similar, etc. I'm sure you all know what I mean and have your very own experiences similar to this one or otherwise, and need not bore you with details. All in all, I simply only suggest that you add this video to your favorites or note app or bookmarks tab or whatever you would use for such a scenario and just go and grab it from time to time and I promise, if not just for the pure 'in the moment' and honest real time footage alone, it'll be that one particular pick-me-up 'thing', video in this instance, we all are always looking for - modifying, switching, you name it and etc. - to have around and able at our disposal and I promise, this is a keeper. This is one of those.

Well done, +PickingProfits   |  Honesty is key.  Vital, really, but to each their own, of course. 

Be sure to go and check out +PickingProfits over on his website: There, you will find a'plenty of extremely helpful, informative and experiential tips and how tos and whatnots along with links to his many outlets ranging from Youtube to Pinterest and the like.

Best Regards,

B. Vintaclectic  |  Eclectic Antiquing